Paul Huebler Billiard Cue


Paul Huebler Billiard Cue

Paul Huebler cue with Irish linen wrap.  Purchased in 1988 and used exclusively by my father on his table until his passing in 1996.  The family gave it to me.   I've kept it in a 2x2 cue case, used it in league play for about a year (replaced the tip and the wrap), and now I have a Meucci with an OB-1 shaft that I prefer to use.  I'm sure this will make a fine addition to any cue collection.
Item will be shipped in a mailing tube specifically designed for cues.

On Mar-02-13 at 15:31:44 PST, seller added the following information:

The shaft rolls clean and even by itself; the entire assembled cue rolls true and even, too.

The shaft looks perfect; I did not see or feel any nicks or dents on it.

There are a few minor nicks in the butt on the light colored wood above the base and one in the black area above the base. I added two close-up photos of the butt to the listing and attached them here, but its hard to see the dings unless you get the light to reflect it properly.

I think the nicks in the butt were caused by the wall-mounted cue holder my dad had; it had metal clamps at the bottom so the cue won't fall off onto the floor. That's fine for Nick Varner Wallabushkas, but obviously not-so-good for nicer cues like this one.

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13mm tip

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The cue is a Huebler model H-G made in the late 1980s after Paul had switched to using stainless steel joints.  I discovered this on a Facebook fan page for Huebler cues.  This page is a wealth of information and product brochures on Huebler cues.  It is called the Huebler Cue Fan Page.